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Library History

The Josephine-Louise Public Library was founded as a circulating library club in 1896 by a group of Walden residents which included Louise Bradley, daughter of Walden's resident manufacturer and U.S. Congressman, Colonel Thomas W. Bradley. The library was chartered in 1900 by the New York State Department of Regents, and incorporated in 1910. Colonel Bradley provided funding for a centrally located village hall, with the promise of a permanent home for the library. The library moved to this permanent home - its present location at 5 Scofield Street - in 1916. It was named Josephine-Louise Public Library after Colonel Bradley's wife, Josephine and daughter, Louise. An expansion project, adding a second floor and children's area to the library, was completed in 1998.

Today, the Josephine-Louise Public Library circulates more than 84,219 items per year to residents of the Village of Walden and many residents of the Town of Montgomery. The library receives over 61,464 visits a year, and conducts more than 40,486 reference transactions. The goal of the library is to provide materials and services to help meet the diverse educational, professional, and recreational needs of the community.